The Case for Bob Dylan (and songwriting as literature)

The list of Nobel Prize winners in literature includes playwrights, screenwriters, investigative journalists, essayists, non-fiction writers, novelist, biographers, short story writers, poets, artists, and actors. Yet, a singer-songwriter born in Minnesota in 1941 who is this year’s recipient has caused an uproar in literary and music circles alike. It seems that arguments are being made…

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Memories of Prince

My earliest memory of Prince was in 7th grade gym class. There was this 8th grader who was in love with Prince. She would bring her posters of this silly little man in his underwear, standing in a bathtub. I knew he was from Minnesota and she would talk about how her mom took her…

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Thoughts on David Bowie

My first David Bowie album (and it was a cassette) was “Let’s Dance.” I immediately fell in love. There was something about the music that drew me in. I was twelve. I was listening to Duran Duran and Echo and the Bunnymen and starting to decide musically where I was headed. Once I heard Bowie,…

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