Creative Works

Buchanan, R.J. (January 2016). “The Moon Over Money.” In Midwest Writing Center  Newsletter.

Buchanan, R.J. (November 2015). “Death in a Small Town.” (Winner Penny Fiction 2015: A Flash Fiction Writing Competition) In From the Depths, Issue 13. 35.

Buchanan, R.J. (Summer 2015). Money, Mississippi. Blotterature Literary Magazine, Vol 2, Issue 2. pg 86-87. (creative non-fiction).

Buchanan, R.J. (2015). There’s a Monster in My Closet. 2014-15 Noctua Literary Magazine.   (short fiction).

Buchanan, R.J. (March 2015). What’s In a Name. Straylight Lit Mag. (short fiction)

Buchanan, R.J. (February 2015). Dragons. Aberration Labyrinth, Issue 15, (poem).

Buchanan, R.J. (August-October, 2014). Money, Mississippi Perceptions Exhibition.  University Art Gallery. (creative nonfiction).

Buchanan, R.J. (December 2013). Birthday 30 (Because I Forgot 31). Red Fez. Issue 63.  (poem).

Writing Awards

Winner Penny Fiction 2015: A Flash Fiction Writing Competition.

Poetry Winner, Iron Pen Contest, The Moon Over Money. Midwest Writing Center. (February 2015)

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